Friday, June 3, 2011

Taylor Beth, Horse Whisperer

Well, we are officially in Minnesota!  Swimming in boxes.  But I'm too overwhelmed to think about all there is to do.  Instead I will distract myself by journaling about Taylor Beth, my little horse whisperer. 

This is what she does most days...gets an idea in her free-spirited head and figures out a way to create it.  This particular day it was a horse mask.  She ran into my room whinnying to show off her latest creation.

When she isn't creating, she is usually pursuing an animal of some sort.  Laying in the floor with Ellie (our family lab), chasing a butterfly, waiting for a bird to land on her finger, coaxing a kitty into her arms (picture of that one to follow).

That would be a butterfly in her hand.  That butterfly let her scoop it up with her turquoise painted fingernails and didn't fly away!  She was elated!

So, naturally, for her sixth birthday we signed her up for horseback riding lessons (we aren't quite ready for a puppy!).  It was the highlight of my week to watch her sweet face as she groomed and saddled.  It was the perfect picture of a creature doing what the good Lord created her to do.  True worship.

 (She looks like a tiny little jockey!)
 (Simply glowing!)

So now I'm thinking about what that thing is for me, that thing that makes me glow with worship because I'm doing exactly what I was created to do.

And you know what?  At the present moment I think that thing is helping my daughter discover what that thing is for her.  Learning to hear her voice in the midst of the noise.  I can honestly say that watching her enjoy that horse was a great joy for me.

   Maybe that's what parenting is.  Helping our children to discern who they are in light of who God is.  The intricate ways they can experience God by living life.  Showing them how to be true worshipers.  Trying to figure that out for myself.  Maybe.  Just thinking. 

So my goal for the coming years of her life and mine as her Mom is to continue watching for and nurturing her "things" and listening to and teaching her to hear her voice.  To give her the resources she needs to pursue those things.  To worship God as I see him in her.  And somehow, by the grace of God, help her to see Him in herself, too.  

This is Lily.  She was the sweetest little pony-mix I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  The only pony-mix I've met, but still the sweetest.  Thanks, Lily.

The proud equestrian
Sweet nuzzles from Lily

The funny part of the story?  If you ask her about her horseback riding lesson, she would be most likely to tell you about the barn cat and kittens.  Like I  Aka, easily distracted. 

She waited here ten minutes for the cat to ease out from under the barn, close enough to pet.

But delayed gratification is so sweet...and worth it.  Good thing I payed for the horseback riding lessons.  Figures.

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April Barber said...

Your thoughts on parenting are very helpful and challenging to me in the midst of trying times with my little one. I will be mulling over your words for a while. Thank you.