Monday, June 20, 2011

My 3 Dads, Part 2

And my Dad...

Love this picture of my dad.  Yes, that is a racing suit he has on.  No, he isn't a professional race car driver (though, yes, I am from Talladega).  But he does like fast cars...and airplanes...and motorcycles...and speed boats.  My dad, thrill-seeker. 

But my favorite thing about my dad? 

He is MacGyver!

Even Riv will tell you...whenever anything breaks around our house, it isn't "Daddy needs to fix it.", but "We need Popaw to come fix it!"  Lee would say that the ultimate compliment for him would be "Wow, that was very Buster-like!"  Like how he re-wired the pendant lights above our island this afternoon.  Very Buster-like, indeed.

The things Lee loves most about me I got from my Dad.  He made me tough.  And taught me how to work hard.  Especially when no one is looking.

He taught me to leave things better than when I found them (doesn't always translate in my own house, but I did fill my Mom's Tahoe up with gas a couple weeks ago.).

He made me a better singer.  And has a pretty darn good voice himself.

It has been fun in recent years to watch him relax into grandparenting.

Riv:  " I love that he goes to work and then comes home for lunch."
The effort at quality time is not missed on him, Dad.  He thinks his Popaw is pretty cool.

TB:  "I love Popaw because he comes in to kiss us goodnight."
Thank you for taking the time at night when you are most tired (because you are getting pretty old) to kiss the kids goodnight.  It means alot to them.

Pipe:  Uh-huh!

Now if we could just talk you into retiring and moving to MN!  It isn't THAT cold...yeah, it is. 

Happy Father's Day!

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