Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama, Day 1

The kids and I decided, since TBird starts school this fall, we ought to cram in one more trip down south before Labor Day.  That, at least, was our excuse.  In reality I think we are all a bit homesick.  Yearning for a bit of familiarity...people, places, ACCENTS!
We started our jaunt in Talladega with Mom and Dad.  Mom learned the hard way that when you tell the kids we will wake up early and go to the pool, they will take you quite literally.  This was Rivers first time in the deep end cast-free.  Couldn't help posting a little video to make you grin.

We were pretty pumped to have a few of our dear friends from Birmingham drive over for the day.  It was so life-giving to watch the kids play and interact with their Birmingham buddies.  I haven't heard Riv laugh so hard in months as he and Jake wrestled and tackled in the yard.
It was, as most Alabama summer days are, a hot stinker of a day.  The condensation running down your leg kind.  Not to be deterred, we brought out the hose...and the bubbles!

Nee-Noo takes her swimming pretty seriously.  No messing around here.  No soap in the eyes, either.  Smart girl.
 Marbles somehow got involved, as well.  And tunnels.

Leave it to kids, right?

And Nanas.  They can be pretty random, too.

Who doesn't love a human sprinkler???  Giggles automatically ensue.  Oh, how I love the sound of ensuing giggles.

Sweet medicine to the soul.

Especially a soul a bit weary from transitioning kids with far too few ensuing giggles.

I am treasuring it.  Along with the sound of Riv laughing so hard he can hardly catch his breath.  Love that boy's breathless laugh.  Sheer joy.
After some water fun, we were invited to try out the bungee jumper they have set up at Shocco this summer.  Talk about ensuing giggles...

And crazy hair.  What would a bungee be without crazy hair???

Even Pipe got in on the bungee action.  Ever heard of a Johnny Jump-Up, people?
It was a hot one, for sure.  But worth the effort.
And yes, those would be matching dresses.  And yes, it was definitely planned.  Cause a girl's gotta look like her favorite girls, right?  That's what friends are for.
The Sorensons, who ironically are half-Minnesotan (dad grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes), drove over for dinner and even more giggles ensued (catching onto a theme here?).
Always a ketchup-face.  I gave up wiping it.  Lost cause.  He will go to college with ketchup on his face.
Sweet and sassy Eva... and those dimples!  Just want to squeeze her!  Maybe I'm partial because she looks so much like her Mama.  And boy do I love that Mama.

What a gift to have one last opportunity to run around in Nana and Popaws back yard with some of our favorite people (not all, but a good sprinkling).  With ensuing giggles.  Ok...that's kind of over the top.  I'll stop.

I'm full.  A full Day 1.  More to come.

And in the spirit of ensuing giggles...couldn't resist this clip of P loving the bungee.


Allison said...

WIsh I could comment on all the pics. Love the one with riv's tongue hanging out! Miss you guys terribly :)

Suzanne Owen Jones said...

How fun! Would love to have seen the Knights, hopefully next trip, we actually have been in MI. I do miss you a lot and need a good "Joy" talk soon.

joyknight said...

We would have loved to have seen all of our "favorites" while in town!!! Next time I will have to plan an extra day or 2 so we can make a trip in to Bham. Between Dega and ATL, we just couldn't squeeze it all in!