Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gram and Pop's! (Day 3-5)

There is one place in the world my monkeys love more than any other...Gram and Pop's!  Ok, its a toss up between there and Nana and Popaw's.  So thankful for grandparents who are fully engaged with our monkeys and make their homes a place they love to be.

Splitting up our trip between grandparents made it into a whirlwind of a trip, but worth every mile travelled!

These kids love their Gram!!!  And P loves sunglasses!  Particularly yours.

The last time we visited Covington, GA, Lee and I found the greatest little park complete with both paved and unpaved trails, a play structure, as well as duck/goose pond.  The pond is a bit rank, but the kids get a kick out of feeding water fowl and fishing for minnows...with a net.
 Do you like the tuck up Gram has going on with P here?  The woman is resourceful.
Waiting for said fish with said net.  I think I will title this one "Knock-knees and Soggy Britches."  Yes, she was sitting in the rank pond.  No, we did not have a change of clothes.  
 Love this.  Two peas.  Patiently waiting.
 And this one...not a patient bone in her body.

This is what happens when you tell her, "No, P, you may not eat the goose poop or play with the cigarette butt.  I'm so sorry.  I just love you too much."  

And this would be the sweet little stray puppy that my dear, compassionate, animal-loving eldest monkey would not part with.  At one point I walked up on her arguing so eloquently with Pop that he needed to take on this puppy as a pet project.  Pop wasn't buying.  She fed it bread, got it some water, and laid in the dirt with it while it napped in the shade.  Not exaggerating.  Sweet puppy.
 Silly Gram.  Silly P.
 At Gram's house we double-fist.  No shame.

 The good, thick Southern air inspired P to take off walking.  Now her favorite thing is pushing...big red cars, wagons, scooters.  You name it.

All that practice is certainly paying off.  She now walks more often than crawls.  And she's getting pretty fast.  I think she's pretty proud of herself.  So is Momma.
So thankful for an opportunity to spend some relaxing, refueling time at Gram and Pop's.  My monkeys are certainly blessed.

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