Saturday, March 23, 2013


Only these two can have just as big a time playing king of the mountain and a friendly game of...Scrabble, Jr.

Building forts and Yahtzee.

Super Mario and Uno.

The Male Monkey's buddy is moving to Canada next week.  Today was their last playdate before the big move.

We know what its like to move far, far away.  From family and friends, home and school, parks and soccer teams.  Adventure is a bitter sweet call.  But we also know the sweet comfort of The Comforter when He calls us out of our comfort zone.  We know the blessed gift of friends who become family when yours are miles away.  We know the beauty of the first snow when first snows don't come where you come from.  And the joy, oh the joy, of spring sprung on a new terrain.  But most of all, we know the truth of being strangers and sojourners in a foreign land.

This is not our home.  The author and perfecter of our faith so graciously nails that truth into us.  It helps us to hold loosely to this world, to keep our eyes fixed on things above.

So...that is our prayer for you, dear Isaac!  That you would live bravely and humbly in a new place.  Trusting the One who brought you there, will keep you there.  We will be cheering you on from Minnesota, buddy!


lauren maleski said...

Such a beautiful testament to this life. Thank for sharing this. I needed to hear this today.

joyknight said...

So did I! Funny how some of the most basic, everyday posts can become the most cathartic!