Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/365...Hair Reminders

It's no secret that the baby Monkey, though full of life and personality and charm, is lacking in the hair department.  

 Sweet little thing was born bald and bald she has remained for the first 2 years of her life.  Over the past 6 months she has been getting a few sprouts here and there.  Even enough to warrant a DIY haircut a while back.  Mullet, anyone?

 We were sitting in the dining room eating lunch the other day and as I was enjoying the midday sun streaming in through the windows and the beautiful play of light, I noticed this one long lock of hair on her forehead.
 And it struck me...though seemingly bald from birth, she has always had this one long, random hair growing right out of the top of her head.  Always.  And there it is.  The same hair.

As much as she has changed and blossomed and grown, that lock of hair was representative of the little baby formed in my womb, born into my arms.  And it got me thinking...what representations do I have of who I was born to be?  Sure, I've changed lots.  But there are pieces that remain, unadulterated by life, the world, influences.  The purest sense of who I am.  An interesting thought.  

We will cut her hair and it will no longer look like the sweet baby of mine that she is today.  But these pictures will remind me that He who began a good work in her, He is completing it.  There will always be pieces of who she is today, regardless of who she will be.

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