Monday, February 18, 2013

10/365...Snow Play

Without fail, the first snow of the season always provokes excitement.  Giddy, run outside with your tongue hanging out to catch the falling snowflakes excitement.  And then January hits.  And it gets severly cold. And then you forget you ever used to play outside at all.

I've been reading alot about the crucial role Vitamin D plays in immune health.  And after the winter we had last year, immune health is a priority around here.  And who doesn't feel better after a bit in the sun and fresh air anyway?  Sanity, anyone?

We have had a few gracious breaks from the bitter cold (a balmy 23 degrees), so for the sake of our immune systems and sanity I have started setting my timer for 20 minutes and forcing Rivers and myself (and Ellie) out of doors to absord our days alotement of the big D.

 As you can see from the smiling faces, it was mostly good for our souls!
Little graces on cold winter days...

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