Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Embracing the Camera

No, I have not petered out on my 31 day photo challenge.  I have been very busy shooting pictures.  I had a Mini-session marathon last Saturday and have been busy editing.  Loving it!

I am going to break the rules here a bit.  Technically my next installment should be "clouds".  Instead I am going to REALLY challenge myself.  I read an article recently called "Mom Stays in the Picture" by Allison Tate that challenges moms to get in front of the camera more.  I have been pondering this for awhile.  I have sometimes wondered if part of what drew me to photography is my desire to NOT be in front of the camera.

My husband can tell you that I am by far my worst critic.  I mean I can be just down right MEAN to myself when I want to be.  I have never been comfortable in my own body.  Definitely not comfortable seeing pictures of myself in my own body.  But I have found motherhood to soften some of my self-severity a bit.  Partially because the love of another human being causes you to take your eyes off your self a bit.  (Thank you, Jesus.)  Mostly because I just simply don't have the extra energy to expend in thinking about it.  (Thank you, Jesus!)  So...I just avoid it.  If I don't have to see it, I don't have to think about it.  This has been healing for me.  The next step in not thinking less of myself, but thinking of myself less (think about it, you'll get it) is to put myself out there again.  To see the creature that was fearfully and wonderfully made.  A daughter the the King.  And, according to Tate, for my kids sake.  I want them to have record of their Mom WITH them as I record our life.  Hugging them, laughing with them, being with them.  They won't remember what size my jeans were or what color or style (or lack of) my hair was sporting.  They will remember that I was there.  And that I love them.  And that I'm not ashamed.

So here healing!

 Riv's one request for this shot..."Don't take a bite!"

TBird loves it when we both wear our brown boots.

How do you remember your mother?  


katie said...

joy~ great work. the funny thing is that i've always thought of you as someone who was really comfortable in your own skin! perceptions are amusing, eh?

you're certainly beautiful and your kids will treasure photos of you in them for sure. keep it up!

joyknight said...

Thanks, Katie. All part of the muse. Grace has freed me from alot! Thank you for are so inspiring to me. Lee always says we would be friends if we lived in the same city. And I say we already are:)

Kitty Brown said...

I do love you, Joy. Thanks for this post.