Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The hubs suggests I remind everyone of the reason behind my sudden, constant presence in the blogosphere.

This would be Day 3 of my 31 Day Photo Challenge:  A Month of My Life in Pictures.  Everyone with me?

Day 3:  From a Low Angle

Technically today's assignment was supposed to be "Clouds".  But it was a pretty gray, overcast, nasty cloud kind of day.  So I chose to shake things up a bit and do "From a Low Angle" instead.  Because I am a recovering chronic rule-keeper it's a good exercise to break the "rules" in harmless ways every now and again. 

I couldn't choose just one.  That's kind of like choosing my favorite kid.  One of their favorite things to do is a good ol' classic Superman.  Who doesn't love a Superman?  Or as the baby Monkey says, "Supermam".  Don't ask me where the male Monkey got the whole Christopher Reeves Superman pose-thing.  Must be genetic.

These were taken one afternoon in the front yard waiting for the oldest Monkey to get home from school. Just couldn't get over that sky and those clouds.  So grateful to have this captured for years to come.  One of those seemingly insignificant moments of childhood that will consistantly bring me to tears when I am old and gray.  

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