Monday, June 9, 2014


We get the question alot..."How do you survive the winters in the Frozen Tundra?"

Our answer..."Lots of Yahtzee!"

I mean nightly games.  The baby monkey is everyone's secret weapon.  She doesn't know what she is doing, but, I swear, that child has rolled more Yahtzees than any of the rest of us combined!  She now yells, "Six!" every time she rolls anything.

We found this fancy set on our recent thrifting adventure for a whopping $1.99.  We were all pretty pumped.  No, it's not winter.  Maybe its because I have been reflecting alot lately on our time in Minnesota, but watching the kids play a round reminded me of fun family times by the fire when the sun went down before we even got home from school.

I have been processing over the past few days how to leave well.  We have left several times from several places.  We are both pretty good starters, but neither of us great finishers.  I really want to leave well.  I feel confident and hopeful in the next phase of our journey.  But entering into it full and ready means leaving the old one well.

We've had a few people ask us if we'd like to have a going away party.  The extrovert in me wants to say yes.  But the idea feels a bit overwhelming.  It feels final.  How do you wrap up three plus years of relationships with a party?  But isn't that better than just packing the car and taking off (we've done that before, not kidding).

I have no answers.  Just questions and thoughts.  I would love to hear yours if you have any secret wisdom to leaving well.  Bring it on.


Carrie Woods said...

I still struggle with this. After moving so much growing up and tearing myself away from some of those places, it suddenly became too easy to walk away quietly and just slip out. I left a job recently and it was a struggle for me not to just slip out as quietly as possible. How do you wrap up some things in meaningful ways and in ways that honor the people you loved there without it hurting or getting too close? You don't ;)

lauren maleski said...

Let people love you. Let them be sad because you are going. Feel whatever it is you need to feel because you are going. 3 years of community is substantial and slipping away may be easier but it may not provide you with the closure you need. Embrace the awkward because that's life :)