Friday, October 14, 2011

She's Baaaaack!

I am proceeding a bit sheepishly.  Not sure why I allow a computer, a nebulous online journal, to make me feel guilt.  It's like that friend that you know you should call (not naming any names) but soooo much time has elapsed that you justify why it's not a good time, and then sooo much time elapses that you become a chronic non-communicative bad friend.  I am a chronic non-communicative bad friend.

It has been over a month!

I could list the excuses...

  • sick kids for 2 weeks
  • sick Momma for 2 weeks (at one point I was wondering whether or not my next blog post would be announcing the conception of monkey #4)
  • busted camera (uh-gin)...good news...its still under warranty
  • high maintenance toddler (took me three tries to get one of those)
  • LIFE!
The last one would be the all encompassing excuse.  Actually, its a pretty darn good reason, if you ask me.  I think I have been waiting for our pace of life to slow down and to easily and smoothly settle into it.  I have now accepted the fact that it will not be slowing any time soon.  It simply is what it is.  I will embrace it, pray for more capacity, and move on with life.

Now that that is over, we can all look forward to upcoming posts complete with eye candy and musings.  And since it's Friday, and since my camera is broken (along with the SD card that held all of my pictures dating back to September), here is a little Happy Friday randomness.  Just because I like it.  And just because it's Friday.


Kitty Brown said...

I like the idea of praying for more capacity (since we know things aren't going to slow down). Think I'll copy that. Love you!

joyknight said...

Kitty, I cannot imagine the capacity required for twins! I will pray it for you!

Lindsay Erin Meadows said...