Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Part 2

I should make a gratitude is in no particular order.  The next installment...

11.  I'm thankful for my new camera.  As one author puts it, "The lens is my ink, for cameras have sensor eyes, and pixels record."  My D70 had a mishap last fall.  My husband was gracious and generous enough to bless me with a D90 for Christmas.  Best gift ever.  Except for the year he got my first, the D70.  That was pretty fantastic, too.  I am especially grateful for it when it is in the shop for repairs.  And especially grateful that those repairs were covered under warranty.

12.  I'm thankful for my new laptop.  This has been the year of technical difficulties.  Or technical deaths, whichever.  Either way, I'm thankful for the replacements.

13.  I'm thankful for this guy...
My partner, my friend, my Luvuh.

And this guy...
Always makes me smile.   Still smiling in year 34, with 10 years of marriage under the belt.  In the words of my dear friend, Lauren, "I would much rather do nothing with you, than do something without you."  Well said.

14.  I'm thankful for frogs.  Weird, yes.  But this summer our backyard here in MN was swarming with frogs of all sizes.  Tiny frogs, fat frogs.  Frogs that all ended up in our window wells.  The monkeys became enamored with them.  It became a part of regular summer morning routine.  They helped our MN mornings to feel normal.  All because of frogs.

15.  I'm thankful for my swagger wagon!  I know.  Don't judge me.  I never thought I would embrace the mini-van persona, but here I am.  Loving it.  For more than 2 monkeys it is a dream.  I think I'm cool enough.  Maybe.

16.  I'm thankful for family hikes.  I love being outside with my family.  With nowhere to go.  Just walking.  Until someone falls apart.

17.  I'm thankful for the joy of watching my eldest ride a bike by herself for the first time.  It is such a thrill, but also a bit terrifying, to watch her independence grow.

18.  I'm thankful for chapter books and reading lessons on the front porch swing.  Miss that swing.  Loved those moments.

19.  I'm thankful for Queen Anne's Lace growing wild on the side of MN highways.  A reminder that sometimes beauty doesn't need any help from a human hand at all.

20.  I'm thankful for strawberry fields with friends.  The summer-ripe juices of berries and season-ripened sweetness of old friends reunited still fresh on my palate.

More tomorrow.

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